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Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and COP15 choose Synkron Via

It will be possible to seek information in seven languages, debate and follow events online and via a mobile phone, when the Danish website for the UN Climate Change Conference, COP15 in Copenhagen is launched. Aarhus-based companies Mjølner Informatics, Dynamicweb Software and Hostnordic won the tender.

The whole world will turn its attention to Denmark as Copenhagen will host the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 at the end of 2009. At the Danish host website it will be possible to join in via COP15’s new interactive website. Aarhus-based software companies Mjølner Informatics, Dynamicweb Software and Hostnordic just won the tender of the technical development and running of the site.

"We are proud to announce that we have won the tender issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is our top priority to make the website very user friendly and catchy, so that visitors’ interests in climate questions, and particularly the climate conference, are sharpened,”

Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen
Managing director of Mjølner Informatics

The website will be an obvious source of information for everyone with an interest in climate questions, and different parties interested in climate development can take an active part in the climate debate. The website will contain various debate options such as blogs and chatrooms, encouraging everyone to participate in the climate debate up until, during and after COP15.

For the whole world

The ambition of COP15 is to negotiate the replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. This makes the conference one of the biggest and most important climate summits ever.

“The website will be accessible via mobile phones, RSS feeds and more. It is a great and bold move by the Danish hosting of COP15, choosing such an interactive solution and send out the message that the climate conference is a matter for the entire world,”

Christian Beer
Managing Director of Dynamicweb Software.

The website allows interested parties to follow the highlights of the climate conference, witness political debates of the conference and join the debate themselves. 

Huge project

The website will be created using a flexible platform, Synkron Via, developed for Web 2.0 and allowing for specially designed functions. Web 2.0 creates relations between people using social communication tools. Contents will be stored so that it can be used in many relevant connections and channels. At the same time, the platform can handle a large number of languages as well as different time zones.

“It is a very extensive project. This is why we have chosen to build the site using the thoroughly tested Dynamicweb Software platform rather than starting from scratch. At Mjølner Informatics, one of our specialties is business- and portal systems, developing software for many companies and public authorities,”

Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen
Managing director of Mjølner Informatics.

The website, which can be found at www.COP15.dk  will be working in seven languages. The Climates Change Conference takes place from November 30th until December 11th 2009.

Facts of the Danish COP15 website:

  • The website is a tender by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was won by a consortium of Mjølner Informatics, Dynamicweb Software and Hostnordic, all Aarhus-based.
  • The website will be translated into seven languages and adopted to all the world’s time zones.
  • The website will feature a high level of interactivity such as blogs and debate forums.
  • Contents can be received on different platforms relevant to the users, such as mobile phones, RSS feeds and for example Outlook and iGoogle.
  • Another tender will see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs make a contract with an editorial staff in charge of contents, who will use the developed web portal as a communications platform.

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